Helmet decal set – Star Wars First Order Snowtrooper


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Printed vinyl decal / sticker set for a First Order Snowtrooper costume or prop / display helmet.

Vinyl stickers are supplied cut to shape around the outside of each design element on the sheet, ready to peel off and apply. Certain elements may have cut out section(s) within the design.

NOTE: This item is not available as a Water Float Decal

Important: Please remember that generally you will be applying these stickers / decals to surfaces that are curved or slightly radiused etc… i.e not always a completely flat surface, so an element of skill on your part is assumed and required to ensure these are applied and fit / lay correctly.

These are fan made designs based on screen shots and various images from the movies and games, and are not guaranteed to be 100% screen accurate. They are pretty detailed and a lot of work has gone in to making these as close as can be. They are perfect for display props and cosplay, but please check with your costuming group before ordering if you intend to use these on a costume that requires 100% screen accuracy.