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Official 405th Merch

Now you can personalise your 405th gear boxes with custom 405th command staff approved, brushed stainless steel-look laser cut and engraved Nameplates and Regiment Identity Hex plates.

Kit Box plates are available in a range of finishes including the brushed stainless steel effect, and will come with your Regiments logo and the main 405th brand to easily identify you as a 405th member and have options to add your Forum name, your Real Name, and Deployment Number (DIN) if you have been deployed.

… and check out the official 405th ID badges too!

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Welcome to Dark Star Merch


We are now the sole supplier of the FDFX helmet and prop decal / sticker sheets.

The range includes various decals / stickers for Rebel pilots and TIE pilot lids, Stormtroopers, Scouts and Clone Troopers, and other lids for both the Imperial and Rebel costumes. Perfect for members of costuming groups, cosplayers or people just making lids for fun, props, or display purposes.

There are currently 25 different designs to choose from and more will be added to the range shortly.

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