Stickers and Decals: COSTUME

A range of full colour cut vinyl stickers and water-float decals that can be used on or as part of a prop or costume.

FDFX HELMET STICKERS: We are now the sole supplier of FDFX helmet stickers for various star wars costume and prop / display helmets, printed as standard in full colour on to a satin matt white vinyl with an acrylic based adhesive.

WATER-FLOAT DECAL OPTION: Think Airfix™ or BanDai™ plastic model kits and the small paper backed decals you place in to water for a few seconds and then slide or ‘float’ on to the surface. Exactly the same principle and ideal where stickers may be too ‘surface obvious’ or where you require a transparent background. They do not have a white backing so colours will look more ‘translucent’ when used.

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