Lawgiver ID – single plate


Custom cut and engraved Lawgiver (or Widow Maker) ID plate engraved with your personalised Serial Number.

*CLICK HERE for multiple plate options for Judges with more that one weapon or who also have display props.

NOTE: UK Judges – this item has free postage to a UK address (or the option of paid for tracking if you wish). All overseas Judges located in other mega cities have the option of standard or tracked postage.

Specify your custom plate detailed below.


In mm’s only, not inches.
As these plates seem to vary slightly from prop to prop, please enter your plate dimensions. The max width for these is 100mm and the max height is 35mm. Please enter as W x H. Example 72mm x 20mm


We have included the standard Lawgiver and Widow Maker options here for single plate orders.


Please enter your personalised Serial Number AS YOU WANT IT ENGRAVED. Make sure you use the correct upper and lower case letters, dashes, slashes, spaces etc.. as we will make your plate directly from this information.

EXAMPLE: If you want SERIAL No. 4-03-95/AB PQRS-4-10 on your plate you must enter 4-03-95/AB PQRS-4-10.
If you type 4 03 95 ab pqrs 4 10 that is what you will get on your plate.

NOTE: Do not type ‘SERIAL No.’ as that is applied automatically, we just need your actual serial number code.

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A custom cut and engraved Lawgiver (or Widow Maker) ID plate with your personalised Serial Number.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 70 × 20 × 1.6 mm